It’s 10:15, Do You Know If Your Web Site Is Working?

It’s 10:15, Do You Know If Your Web Site Is Working?

If your web site was down right now, how long would it take for you to notice?

How long would it take before it is back up and running again?

When your web site is down, you lose credibility, goodwill, customers, or donors.

If you are running an advertising campaign that directs people to your site, and your site is down, you are actually paying to make a bad impression on visitors. Once the moment is gone, they are not likely to ever come back.

The finest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is worthless if your site is down when the search bots (or people searching for your site) come to visit.

You can host your site for next-to-nothing, but when it inevitably goes down, you can count on next-to-nothing service from a call center on the other side of the world.

You can host your site on a server that is shared with hundreds of sites, and wonder why your site grinds to a halt because some other site that you don’t even know about (perhaps of questionable content) suddenly becomes popular.

You can host your site at your own office, leaving you vulnerable to power outages, or an accidental line cut from a utility worker.

At Agile Brands, we believe that the precious message that your web site presents is too valuable to leave to chance.

So we host your site using industry best practices.

Our data center features five diverse backbone networks, redundant climate control, redundant uninterruptible power supplies, redundant 1.5 megawatt Detroit Diesel generators for longer term outages and 24/7/365 staffing and security.

Our servers host only Agile Brands clients — all of them reputable businesses. They feature redundant systems with internal monitoring for uptime and service quality.

When we call our data center on the phone, at any time, we can talk to someone who is standing right there in front of our server and can do whatever is necessary to keep the sites that we manage running smoothly.

Our servers and software are kept up-to-date with security and feature updates for the operating system and required software.

We have redundant disk drives on each server for fast replacement in case of hardware failure, and we make offsite backups to recover quickly from natural disasters or other catastrophes.

And our data center is environmentally-focused and Carbon Neutral.

As of this writing, our uptime (including scheduled maintenance) for the last year is 99.995%

But even that isn’t enough for us. Because if you don’t know there is a problem, you can’t fix it.

So, we monitor your site automatically for outages and performance issues from dozens of locations worldwide, so that we will be the first to know if there is a problem and can address it in a timely manner.

In short, we host your web site as if the survival of your business or organization depends on it.

Because it does.