About Us

Agile Brands is in business to help brands deal with the dynamic media landscape of the 21st century, especially Internet marketing.

We have more than 30 years of experience serving companies and non-profits from the Fortune 250 to family owned businesses, with:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Broadcast and Print Production and Placement
  • Internet Marketing
    • Website Design & Creation (since 1996)
    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Naming
  • Public Affairs

IF YOU NEED HELP harnessing the power of the Internet, or crafting the right marketing strategy, contact us today.

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Principal, Guy McCullough

When he was twenty years old, Guy McCullough served as press secretary and media producer in a pivotal gubernatorial campaign against political legend George C. Wallace. In the years that followed, he provided strategic direction and media production for dozens of successful candidates and referenda.

In 1986, Guy collaborated with the legendary troika of Mandy Grunwald, Scott Miller and the late David Sawyer to write and produce award-winning political advertising. Later that year, he formed McCullough Advertising, where he continues as creative director.

Guy has more than three decades of experience providing advertising, marketing, public relations and public affairs counsel to companies ranging from the largest multi-national corporations to family-owned businesses.

He has helped clients manage their brands on the Internet for more than 20 years–from the earliest days of the commercial Internet.

Guy earned the Forbes-McKay Marketer of the Year Award from the American Marketing Association in 1992.

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