Brand Monitoring

Can you imagine how events would unfold if you tried going through life always talking and never listening?

Yet, to this day, a remarkable number of major brands are holding forth on the Internet from within their castle walls without bothering to listen to what is being said about them. Or, if they do listen, without developing strategies and tactics to do anything constructive about it.

Let’s take a specific product from the durable goods category–just as an (unfortunate) example: the Maytag Bravos Dryer.

Throughout most of 2009, if a consumer Googled “Maytag Bravos Dryer,” the very first hit beneath the sponsored links was this one:

Even if Maytag couldn’t adequately address the reviewer’s frustration, with their extensive network of retail outlets, they should be able to optimize search and push this scathing review out of a position in which it could influence tens of thousands of consumers a year.
Yet, there it sat, month after month, while who knows how many people checked to see if the brand and model of dryer they were intent on purchasing measured up to the scrutiny of their peers.
All of which is to say don’t feel too badly if you haven’t the slightest idea what’s being said online about your company or its principals. As long as you do something about it.

You should be actively monitoring:

  • the WEB

Be an Elephant, Not an Alligator

There is a word for brands who are all talk and no listen: Alligators.

On the Internet, at least, it’s far better to go through life with ears that exceed the size of your mouth. Like an elephant, perhaps.

We can help you connect listening to your customers online with speaking to them online. You might even call it a conversation.

The Rest of the Story

Once you’ve listened, we can also help you speak, using just the right mix of Internet marketing, Web site design, and social media.

Please see our portfolio for examples of how we’ve put these principles to work for our clients.