Internet Marketing

With Internet connectivity in more than three out of four American households, if you’re still lacking a viable Internet marketing strategy, you don’t really have a marketing strategy worthy of the name.

We can help you craft and execute one before it’s too late.

Our disciplined process begins with a comprehensive inventory of your communication assets and a thorough understanding of your target audiences and your  strategic communications plan (if you don’t have a plan that’s up to date, we can help you write one).

Once we steep ourselves in the details of your business, we can help you choose the elements that fit both your situation and your budget.

Then, through rapid cycles of Measure, Tweak, Repeat, we continually optimize the Internet marketing mix and tactics to achieve measurable goals that fit your overall business objectives. Most often this involves a mix of Web site design, Email marketing, online advertising, social media, brand monitoring, and perhaps traditional advertising.

The Power of Email Marketing

One of the most powerful of these tools is Email marketing. As this chart of “splash duration” illustrates, Email remains in the environment longer than most social media and can often produce response rates tens or even hundreds of times greater than direct mail.

View our portfolio for examples of our Email marketing and other work.