Web Site Design

In just the last few years the Web has changed fundamentally. Have you changed with it?

Consider these four facts:

  • No longer do most visitors dutifully type in your URL. Now around 80% of visitors to the average site arrive via search and many of them do not land on your home page.
  • The effectiveness of “walled gardens” (Website with few incoming and out-going links that are little more than brochureware) has diminished greatly. Now you need a dynamic Web presence that is continually updating and adding new content that offers genuine value to your visitors.
  • In the past, a brand’s website was all about capturing value for the brand. Now, it should be about giving value to the customer.
  • There was a time when it was sufficient merely to sell product attributes. In today’s world, you need to demonstrate real-world benefits.

And, as more and more economic activity moves to the web, the design and usability of your web presence takes on ever greater importance.

Whether your objective is to conduct e-commerce, promote your brand, or even simply to advocate for a project or cause, it’s time that the online element of your communication plan gained the attention and the resources it deserves.

We can help ensure that your web presence is relevant and up to the minute, without having to break the bank.

In fact, if in the past you’ve found that websites costs too much and take too long to build, you’ll find our cost and timelines refreshing. When circumstances require fast action, we have even deployed sites in as little as four days.

The Rest of the Story

A strong web presence (fully optimized for search engines) is the hub of a larger strategy that includes Internet marketing, social media, brand monitoring, and most likely traditional advertising. We have the experience and expertise in each area to be your one stop shop. Or, we can put in place a collaborative process that gets the results you need.

And be sure to check out our portfolio for ways in which we’ve put these ideas to work for our clients.