Advertising That Fascinates

Understand your target audience and treat it with respect. As David Ogilvy was fond of pointing out: “The consumer is not a moron, she’s your wife,”

Whether your message gets delivered by paid advertising on social media platforms, is thrown onto your target’s driveway, you need to have traditional advertising skills in order to make sure it’s effective.

So, if you don’t understand that television is all about the viewer seeking closure, or that radio is a hot medium, or why body copy should be in serif type of 11 points or larger, it’s difficult to master YouTube, podcasts or promotional pdfs.

The first step is to gain a thorough understanding of the product and the target audience. Good content creators and copywriters steep themselves in both before they do anything else.

What differentiates this product? What does it do that’s better, or even just differently, from its competitors?

Above all, advertising must get noticed and sustain attention by speaking to a customer’s actual needs. Which means details matter. End-end benefits matter. Fulfilling the job to be done matters–the thing the consumer is hiring you to do.

As a stand-alone campaign, or as part of a larger project, we can conceive, write, and produce advertising that fascinates–whatever the communication vehicles may be.

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