Our Process

Humans are hard wired to respond to stories, a phenomenon that cuts across all languages and cultures. Every brand has a unique story. Our job is to help you tell yours.

Good messaging, marketing, and public relations all come down to one thing: effective story telling.

As humans, our very neurology makes us respond to a story well told.

We believe every brand, organization, and person has a unique story to tell and that our job is to help you tell yours.

Once the story is crafted, we share it through traditional, earned, and social media.

Our process begins with learning about your business and your customers and carefully analyzing your particular situation.

It ends with a set of strategies and tactics that are tailored to your individual needs.

In fact, every plan we write includes clear objectives, strategies and tactics, key messages, target audiences, communication vehicles, and executional considerations.

Only when the plan is agreed upon, is it time to execute it.

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