Positive Employee Relations (PER)

Ninety percent of all employees in the U.S. work at enterprises with 10 or more employees.*

That means maintaining positive relationships with employees must be a chief concern of practically every business in America.

Positive Employee Relations (PER) isn’t rocket science. It’s far more complicated than that.

The physics of rocketry can be expressed by equations that can be relied upon, time after time. Whereas managing a workforce of even moderate size means juggling an ever-changing set of issues and challenges, fraught with the inherent uncertainty of human relations.

Our firm has helped the leading aerospace manufacturer manage a doubling of the workforce at a critical final assembly line, followed by a global pandemic.

And we helped another Fortune 250 firm manage an organizing campaign that resulted in the employees spontaneously inviting the union to abandon its unwanted advances based on mistruth.

We begin with the premise that almost every employee wants to have a fulfilling work life in an environment where their contributions are recognized and their dignity is respected. And that every business will be more successful if it fulfills that desire.

Respect. Dignity. Fairness. Recognition. Celebration. These are all easy words to put into a PER plan. In this case, more perhaps than most, it’s all about the execution.

So, whether you’re reacting to the labor crisis of the moment, or establishing a program to avoid one, we can help.

Email us and let’s discuss your specific PER needs.

* US Census Bureau