Advocacy: Moving the Needle

Advocacy is the process of marshaling true facts and arguments to persuade external actors that your proposed way of proceeding is genuinely in the public interest.

When do you need advocacy advertising?

Whenever you:

  • NEED to generate support to permit a responsible industrial site
  • WANT to create cover so an elected body can do the right thing
  • WISH to gain approval for a property or special district
  • HOPE to influence public opinion before a referendum
  • SEEK to pass (or defeat) a special initiative
  • MUST change public opinion on an issue of importance

Advocacy is, essentially, trying a case in the court of public opinion.

It depends for its success on gaining the answers to certain key questions, among them:

  • What opinions and beliefs underlie public choice on an issue?
  • Which key messages are most likely to move the needle?
  • How should the issue be framed to begin with?

We have helped the largest company in the world persuade legislators against a discriminatory tax.

We have assisted numerous developers in gaining special district zoning.

We helped a leading quarry operator that initially encountered local resistance, gain overwhelming public acceptance and passage of the essential ordinance with a lone dissenting vote.

We even passed Sunday beverage sales in a Bible Belt market–in 1990–on the sound basis that it was essential for tourism, conventions, and economic development.

Whom do you need to persuade? Chances are, we can help.

Email us and let’s get started.