Crisis Communications

No one wants to face a business crisis, but some times all of the fire prevention in the world isn’t enough to stave off a disastrous situation. Being prepared for it, makes all the difference.

The best way to avoid a catastrophic fire, is through fire prevention. The same is true of a business crisis. But sometimes, no amount of prevention is enough.

Stuff happens. No matter how well run your company, if you are large enough and in business long enough, something somewhere will go wrong.

It pays to be ready for that day before it comes.

We have created an All Hazards crisis communication plan for a major medical system, including everything from wrong-site surgery to an EF5 tornado.

– We’ve helped guide companies through inadvertent HIPAA violations, rough and tumble union organizing campaigns, and even wrongful death lawsuits.

And, yes, we can help with the fire prevention aspect, as well. Because the surest way to prevail in a crisis communication situation, is not to have one at all.

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