The Importance of Research

Research, in all of its forms, can spell the difference between a campaign that resonates with its target audiences and one that falls flat–whether it’s Google AdWords, a network TV buy, social media advertising, Email marketing, or direct mail.

Through surveys, focus group panels, analytics, statistics product testing, and customer development techniques, we can help you continuously hone your approach to gaining and retaining customers, or persuading stakeholders, as the case may be.

And those are just the traditional research methods.

New techniques and best practices are constantly emerging, and being refined. We are continually engaged in a data-driven effort to improve our ability to learn more about prospects by using small social media test campaigns that pit 3-5 concepts against each other to determine the one that moves the needle best.

Not long ago, we used purely online techniques and close attention to detail to determine which objections our client most needed to overcome to reach its advocacy objective.

Not Just Product Development, Customer Development

If you’re in the business of developing and marketing products, you may need more specialized help.

Under the old product development model, those responsible for creating a product had little contact with actual customers. They simply built in what they assumed customers wanted, then handed off to the sales and marketing team, wishing them “good luck.”

We believe in a newer Customer Development model (first articulated in these terms by Steven Gary Blank), which more closely conforms to reality in today’s business world.

It replaces the old paradigm with:

  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Validation
  • Customer Creation
  • Company Building

By bringing actual users and economic buyers into the process from the very outset, you can dramatically improve the chances that your product will find buyers in the short term and happy, loyal customers in the longer term.

We can also assist using the discipline of Jobs To Be Done analysis (JTBD), which offers insights no other paradigm can duplicate.

When you tally it all up, whatever your research needs, we can help.

Just send us an Email to get started.