Making Social Media Social

Social media are as old as the cave paintings at Lescaux. But now an explosive new ingredient has been added: the network effect.

The result is an ever-changing landscape of social metaverses, each with its own customs and taboos. To be truly effective, you need both a solid plan and techniques based on best practices.

For starters, if your social media feeds are all about your brand and not about the customer, you’re doing it wrong and merely ensuring that you remain part of the noise–not the signal.

Instead of the brand on a soapbox with a megaphone, think of your social media asset as a campfire where you can deliver real benefits to your fans. And recruit new ones.

That means curating content, some of which may seem unrelated to your business. It means always thinking in terms of benefit to the reader. It can even mean saying good things about your competitor (as crazy as that may seem).

We’ve helped a Global 500 company maintain a sense of community among employees during a pandemic, and launched a non-profit exhibition center on a shoestring–all within the last year.

Posting and paid ads are only the beginning. We believe strongly in a technique we call “Measure, Tweak, Repeat,” in which we continually improve the process to get the not just engagement levels that are 100 times industry benchmarks, but also more meaningful interactions.

We can help you sort out the key questions:

  • How can social media enhance our marketing effort and our bottom line?
  • Where should we begin?
  • Which social networks are right for my organization?

Your focus is on running the business–not on keeping up with rapidly evolving ecosystems of social networks. That’s where we come in.

Our approach?

  • For starters, we keep in mind that the use of social media is not a strategy. It’s a tactic, where the strategy is to build a dynamic community around your brand.
  • Social media can never be a substitute for a quality product. But it can be a new and effective means of reaching customers and keeping them satisfied.
  • Social media, when practiced at its best, isn’t really about your brand, so much as it is about their lives.

But, above all, if social media is not backed up with good old fashioned marketing savvy, it’s likely a waste of money and resources.

Or worse. Recent history is rife with examples of where social media poorly handled represented a marketing liability rather than an asset.

So, if you’re not getting the traction you want from social media, let us help.

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