Internet Marketing

With 9 of 10 Americans using the Internet*, if you’re lacking a clear Internet Marketing strategy, you’re also lacking an effective marketing strategy, in general.

But, on the other hand, digital is nothing more, or less, than a channel–a communication vehicle. Like any other channel, it has quirks of its own, but it is not a substitute for a strategy.

Your Web presence, social media, and Email marketing should be integrated in a wheel and spokes arrangement, where the objective is to deliver users to the hub (a search-optimized Website) from the spokes (everything else).

The reason?

Social media platforms change, sometimes daily. Your Website is the Internet platform you control.

Plus, once on your Website, users will inevitably be exposed to additional key messages that can persuade or bring them to action.

On the other hand, the hub is nothing without its spokes. Social media advertising can be hyper-targeted with astonishing accuracy. Which means you’re not paying to reach people who will never be prospects.

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* Pew Research Center