Public Relations & Public Affairs

Edward Louis Bernay, the father of modern public relations, defined it as “executing a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.”

Today’s public relations practitioner takes it one step further, by breaking down “public” into several “publics.”

For example, a brand might need to communicate with and influence employees, stockholders, media outlets, trade publications, industry insiders, and bloggers. These are all publics to be dealt with on an individual basis, each with its own mix of communication channels to be employed.

When the public to be communicated with and influenced is elected or appointed public officials, or regulators, or quasi-governmental bodies, you have entered the realm of public affairs.

As a practical matter in today’s world, very few businesses can avoid the intersection between commerce and government.

Whether the goal is entitlement of a property, creation of a special district, or something as seemingly simple as being designated an “essential industry,” we can help.

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